Yer: a Sagittal study

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Re: Yer: a Sagittal study

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I think it's whenever the closest 12edo pitch differs from the one notated, when you ignore all but the conventional accidentals.

That's certainly an option. But it seems a little silly to do that for D#-49 when you could just write 51. I'd probaby let the offset go to 59 or 60 before doing that. And even then, maybe it'd be better to respell the note to be an alteration of the nearest 12edo note, to avoid the problem.

That "D#-40" kind of thing would be a better way to deal with cents on Revo, than either using cents greater than 60, or expecting recognition of the number of shafts as giving sharps and flats. But I still think we should recommend that Evo be used when cents are given, so as to minimise such occurrences.

Where I said cents "above the staff" in the education material should be changed to "above or below the staff".

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