Simplified "Stoic" Sagittal for 13-limit tonality diamond use

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Re: Simplified "Stoic" Sagittal for 13-limit tonality diamond use

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Hello to both of you!

Apologies for delayed reply; got busy with other PhD stuff. Thanks for the pointers about how to properly post images. I was wondering why it would take them a couple days to show up :lol: (Thanks for fixing them, Dave!)

I think these bitmap designs are looking great! Thanks for that final edit. I am happy to call it ready for crowd scrutiny! I am going to make a new post on the Microtonal Tuning page, and direct people to this post as a link in the comments of the previous post. That way, it'll be visible to more people who may wish to give their two cents.

Great point about the Stoics being Athenians---I think it fits the bill, great! Also, Diogenes was considered by many to be a precursor to the Stoics, so it syncs up with that other idea I had as well!

Looking forward to chatting more once we see what the others think!

P.S. I am going to take a stab at FontForge myself, but on my end, I'm going to hold off until this post and new batch of suggestions have run their course.

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