George vs Hermes - The first Sagittal prank/publicity stunt

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George vs Hermes - The first Sagittal prank/publicity stunt

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The first Sagittal prank/publicity stunt was based on the Sagittal mythology. This claimed to be written by the god Hermes, who had, until then, been impersonating George Secor. Ha ha. Very droll. But then, in October 2007 the real George Secor turned up at a 19-tone concert and claimed to know nothing of the tuning Yahoo groups, or Sagittal!

Here it is for your enjoyment, digitally-restored by Douglas Blumeyer:

First the grandiose presaging and opening of the Sagittal website in 2004, with an unfinished mythology.
The Sagittal website is officially open

Now to 2007 and the release of the final episode of the mythology, where Dave is "rather unkind" to George.
The Conclusion of the Matter (an important message)
Metastable intervals (starting at Dave's 7:23:58 PM post, and stopping at George's 11:44:11 AM post, 10 posts later)
secor in anaphoria

Now the confusion in the aftermath of the 19-tone concert.
Sagittal mythology getting out of hand?
Midwest Microfest
Why the hoax?
What hoax??
Will the REAL George Secor please stand up?
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