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"A Bit O' Blarney" by George Secor

Posted: Tue Mar 10, 2020 11:37 am
by Dave Keenan
I'd like to share this long-lost gem from my friend George Secor.

For those of you who have only ever seen his name written, and not heard it spoken, I note that it is pronounced SEE-kor.

Vale George.

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George posted this tale of "Justin Tenacious" (say it quickly) to the Yahoo Group "Tuning", soon after I "met" him in 2002. This was before the invention of the "Like" button, and internet access was more expensive than it is now. A day or so later, George, who was new to online forums, emailed me somewhat upset that there had been no response whatsoever to his story, which I seem to remember he had posted in instalments.

I explained to him, "George, people only respond if there is an argument to be had. You can't argue with perfection."