Welcome to the Sagittal forum

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Dave Keenan
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Welcome to the Sagittal forum

Post by Dave Keenan »

Welcome to the new Sagittal forum. Feel free to make a new topic to ask a question, make a suggestion, or tell us what you've been doing with Sagittal.

Some recent changes to the Sagittal website are:
1. Updated the main "Sagittal.pdf" (Xenharmonikon) article to:
(a) fill in some gaps to give standard notations for all EDOs up to 72.
(b) agree with the reduced (8 symbol pairs) Spartan set that was decided when Sagittal was included in the SMuFL standard.
(3.61 KiB) Downloaded 3225 times
2. Added the BravuraMSS font (for Mixed Spartan Sagittal) to allow users of Finale etc. to work around the limitations of current notation software which won't allow compound accidentals.

3. George Secor has finalised the details of "Sagispeak", a short tuning-independent way of pronouncing the Sagittal accidentals.

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George Secor
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Re: Welcome to the Sagittal forum

Post by George Secor »

Hey, Dave, you've done a great job setting up this new forum! Those custom smilies are an especially nice touch! (This one :(!): really looks happy, and I guess you could call this one :(!/: a smiling winkie!)

I haven't had a chance to follow any of the threads so far, because I've had to keep a lot of plates spinning and didn't want to spread myself too thin. (Thanks for helping me get my first message in the Sagispeak thread properly formatted.) This weekend is still pretty busy, but I hope to plunge in here sometime next week.


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