BravuraMSS issues

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BravuraMSS issues

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I'm trying to setup a custom tonality in Dorico and I want to use the mixed version of Sagittal. I found BravuraMSS on the website and I downloaded it. Unfortunately, I couldn't find the font in Dorico after a restart from the software. I checked the font properties in Font Book (I'm on a Mac) and I found out that BravuraMSS has the same family (Bravura) and style (regular) as the regular Bravura. It seems that Dorico only displays the one which it came with. I changed those properties with Glyphr Studio ( and now I can find them in Dorico. I was happy!

But... not all the accidentals display correctly. For example :/|::#: displays a C Image. Any idea what's going on here?

And would it be possible to change the name of the font in such a way that is doesn't conflict with the other one?

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Re: BravuraMSS issues

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Welcome @melleweijters.

My apologies for failing to notice your pending post for so long. I don't understand why I wasn't notified by email. I will investigate. It may have had something to do with me changing my email address recently.

I'm so glad you were so resourceful as to be able to fix the problem yourself. I have now changed the font family to BravuraMSS.

Did you need to change the style as well as the family? What did you change them to?

I'm afraid the only reason I can think why "C" is coming up instead of :/|::#: is that you still have that accidental set to Bravura, or some other font, and not BravuraMSS. I checked that typing a "C" generates :/|::#: in BravuraMSS. Although I did not do this in Dorico as I don't have it.
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