Hidden emoji :colon_names:

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Hidden emoji :colon_names:

Post by Dave Keenan »

e.g. :ice_cream: = :ice_cream:

This is a hidden feature we've had since at least the last phpBB (forum software) upgrade. They are like smiley codes but they don't appear in the smiley palette.

I had a hell of a time finding a list of the :colon_names: for them. But the list inked below seems to work for us, although it is for GitHub, and the emoji are displayed in a different "font" from the one we see in the forum.

I think they are decoded via a third party server. But after decoding they are simply Unicode characters (and hence vector images in a font), unlike smileys which are raster images.

So you can also use WinCompose to type their hex code-points. e.g.

U1F368 = 🍨

And you can scale them.
[size=400]:icecream:[/size] = :icecream:

I increased the maximum allowed text size in the forum from 200% to 1000%, to allow for big emoji like the one above.

That last one is icecream without an underscore. I think it tastes better that way. :smiley_cat: = :smiley_cat:

And of course, on the Saggital forum we really need :red_car: = :red_car: and :blue_car: = :blue_car:

I turns out that the emoji "font" used by phpBB (the forum software), is the Twitter emoji font, also called Twemoji, as shown here in the column marked "Twtr".

But Twitter does not specify the :colon_names:. And they are not the same as the column marked "CLDR short names" in the table linked above.

If you enter an emoji as a Unicode character, then while you are in the post editor you will see it in the "font" called "Browser", as shown in the table linked above.

:musical_score: = :musical_score:     :musical_keyboard: = :musical_keyboard:     :musical_note: = :musical_note:    :notes: = :notes:

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Re: Hidden emoji :colon_names:

Post by cmloegcmluin »


I'll try to pepper these in more often to spice up my posts.

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