16 Edo

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William Lynch
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16 Edo

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How do u notate 16 edo in sagittal?

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Dave Keenan
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Re: 16 Edo

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With its best (native) fifth, 16-edo has tone = 2 steps, apotome = -1 step, limma = 3 steps.

Because the apotome (a chain of 7 fifths) is negative, we can't use sharps or flats in a native-fifth notation for it.

Here are 4 options. [Edit: Updated to include my latest simplified-EDO-notation proposal]
16-edo using native fifth (as in the XH article):
D	D:)||(:	D:|||):
E:!!!):	E:)!!(:	E	E:)||(:	E:|||):
			F:!!!):	F:)!!(:	F

16-edo using 12-edo fifth, as a subset of 48-edo (the alternative in the XH article):
D	D:#::!~:	D:#::/|\:	D:x::|~:
E:bb:	E:b::!~:	E:\!/:	E:|~:	E:#:
	F:bb::!~:	F:b::\!/:	F:b::|~:	F

16edo using native fifth and previously-proposed limma-fraction symbols:
D	D:)|):	D:)/|\:
	E:)!):	E	E:)|):	E:)/|\:
			F:)\!/:	F:)!):	F

16edo using native fifth and my currently-proposed limma-fraction symbols:
D	D:|):	D:/|\:
	E:!):	E	E:|):	E:/|\:
			F:\!/:	F:!):	F

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