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Re: 137EDO

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cmloegcmluin wrote:
Wed Apr 01, 2020 11:09 am
I did notice that 2002 on there and figured it might have a been a minute since you last worked with it! : D
When aa wrote that code 18 years ago, only me an' Gaad knew how it worked. Now, ... only Gaad knows. ;)

Seriously: Well done guys. I totally approve of either of those 137-edo notations. I can see that :/ /|: might be preferred in single-shaft-only Sagittal (mixed Sagittal) because it stays within the Spartan set, and :|\: might be preferred in multi-shaft Sagittal (pure Sagittal) because it gives a matching sequence of flag-combinations for the double-shaft symbols. The same applies to 130-edo.

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