Sagittal Handbook/website

William Lynch
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Sagittal Handbook/website

Postby William Lynch » Sat Oct 15, 2016 11:45 pm

So when all of this has been worked out, I want to begin writing a handbook or possibly online resource which explains the method simply and gives the our chosen standard for every EDO someone wants to know how to notate. I know obviously EDO can be infinity so I don't know where to stop or if there is some logic someone could use to notate the bigger ones we don't mention.

I could have missed something but I think currently there is nothing on the website other than the old xenharmonikon article which is hard to read for most people. At the moment, I'm planning on creating a 22 Tone Primer book which goes over notation, chords, intervals etc with lots of exercises as well as score notations of 22 tone pieces but that's just for one tuning.

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